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Songtronome is more than just a metronome!

Of course it can give you a constant beat with the reliability of a good old metronome, but…

Did you ever practise some licks and wanted to go faster? No Problem! Songtronome can speed up after a couple of measures and pushes you to the speed you want!

You are a real ass kicking Tech-Metal-Monster-Player, but your songs are too freaky to mess up with a metronome? No Problem! Songtronome can arrange full songs with all the measures you need!

You are a drummer who wants to have a click to play songs exactly as they are meant to be? No Problem! Songtronome gives you the click and shows which part you are playing and what’s coming up next!

So, check out Songtronome on the App Store:

If you find some missing functionality or bugs you can leave your comment here! Examples and a little online-help will be available soon.

Also see the changelog to see the improvements of each version.

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  1. Dec 2 2011

    Hallo Achim, Songtronome is great for practicing but it has a bug – I just programmed an Indian groove I’m working on in 17/4 and as the accelerator function speeds up, the click becomes more and more shaky. How can I fix this? Is this perhaps due to the interrupts from the operating system? iPhone 3Gs with iOS 5.0.1 Songtronome 1.1.2

    Danke im Voraus, thanks, Dave!

    • Dec 5 2011

      Hi Dave!
      I received a similar message some days ago. It seems as if the iOS 5 causes some problems playing the beats steady. I will have a look at that!

  2. Alex
    Nov 29 2012

    Hi Achim,

    I disabled changeing systemsounds via buttons.
    Is ther a posibility to change Volume as it works with Musik App.?

    Thanks & regards Alex

    • Nov 30 2012

      Hi Alex,
      sorry, currently the device buttons are the only possibility to change the volume.

  3. Alex
    Nov 29 2012

    …edit button in Songs has no effect! How does this work.
    And how to paiste copied song parts?

    Thanks in advance!

    Greetings Alex

    • Nov 30 2012

      You are right, this seems to be a bug. I will check that one and provide an update in the near future. Probably that update will include a volume slider, too 😉


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