• Coordinates can be set on the map directly by tap and hold
  • Editable coordinates can be dragged on the map
  • Gauß Krüger coordinates have been added
  • Units can be selected in target guidance
  • Conversion errors for UTM and MGRS coordinates have been fixed
  • Fixed link to Google Maps
  • Several crashes have been fixed


This update brings a bunch of new tools und improvements:

  • Bacon Code *new*
  • Maya Code *new*
  • Puzzle Code *new*
  • Tomtom Code *new*
  • Freemason Code *new*
  • Police Codes *new*


  • Improved Braille Code
  • Improved Baudot Code


  • Spanish translation
  • Changed business model to ad supported free version with full access subscription


Why are the ads back?

We decided to change the add-on model for this app and made (almost) the whole app free for use, but showing ads by default. Purchasing the full version inApp will remove all ads and enable remaining features. Every previously bought inApp will enable the full version, too. To restore inApps go to ‘Full Version’ and restore your purchased items. 


With this update we added some ciphers and improved the menu!

You can now order the tools the way you want, mark them as favourites and quickly access the last used ones.

New ciphers:

  • Flag Alphabet
  • Semaphore Alphabet
  • Shutter Telegraph
  • Rot5
  • Rot13
  • Rot18
  • Rot47


  • Added Waze as external map tool


We worked on bringing back further codes!

Morse codes can be written with a keyboard again and we added finger alphabet and hexahue code. More codes are about to come in the next weeks!


We redesigned the whole app and rewrote every line of code! Different display sizes from iPhone 5 to iPad are supported now. Unfortunately the popular mygeotools stopped their service for code tables, but we included the most important ones in the app. Further tables and features are about to come!