It’s been quite a while…

Over the past months we received a lot emails about problems with the current version of GCTools and the need for improvements – especially for compatibility with the upcoming iOS 11.

Although we did not release a new version for a long time we want to let you know, that we are working on a completely rewritten version, ready for iOS 11 and compatible with different screen sizes like iPhone X+ and iPad. We hope you can be patient for some more weeks… Actually the release of iOS 11 will stop the current version from working. So our schedule is self explaining 😉

There are some known problems with the current version:

  • myGeotools has stopped their service. Therefore it is not possible to download their data tables if you haven’t yet 🙁 We have the permission to include the code tables in our App – we are working on that
  • With iOS 10 there are navigation problems in the menu sometimes. In most cases restarting the app will help. Sorry for that 🙁
  • Sometimes purchased inApps do not get enabled. Please retry later or reinstall the app and retry or refresh already purchases inApps. Already purchased inApps will not get charged twice even if you tap an “buy”!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

How to fix the crashes…

Unfortunately the latest GCTools update is still waiting for review, but if you have problems starting the app please follow these steps:

  • Goto “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Camera”
  • Add camera access for GCTools

We need the camera access for the flashlight. If you denied the camera access under iOS 8 the app will crash at startup.


Update for iOS8 is on the run

Once again it’s been a long time…

Sorry for pretending being dead while some of you have been waiting for an update of GCTools 🙁 We just submitted a new release dealing with the latest iOS8-problems. It should be available in a few days!

We are working on iOS7

Hi folks

It’s been a long time and we really would like to spend more time on app development, but as it’s still a hobby we got some more things to do 🙁

Some of you reported problems with GCTools and ColorPicker on iOS7. As ColorPicker isn’t starting anymore we will release an update as soon as possible. GCTools is waiting for an update for a long time and we implemented some new cool features. Unfortunately we are sill dealing with some problems. We are working on the new release 2.2 as fast as possible and will hopefully submit it within the next 2 weeks.

Please be patient  :/

GCTools v2.1 is available!

GCTools has made it to a new release! Check out the new features:

New feature in the coordinates section:
– set a coordinate as target and navigate there by compass/distance (coordinates -> target guidance)
– enter angle values via compass
– enter coordinates as postal address
– free text coordinate input (copy & paste coordinates from texts)
– select length and angle units

New features in the converter section:
– units of entered values get parsed – you can copy & paste values from texts and enter it in any of the related converter’s fields
– number systems converter: enter binary values with dip switches
– new converter for angle values

– some handling changes
– bug fixes

We received a lot suggestions and are happy about all kind of feedback. Most of it will make it in the app sooner or later, but you have to be patient – it all takes time :/ But we are working on it – promised!


So check out GCTools on the App Store: