Songtronome v1.1.1 is ready for sale!

After Songtronome stopped working due to a change in iOS I did a lot of rework, clean up and bug fixing resulting in version 1.1.1

Check out the new version of Songtronome!






Songtronome v1.1 is ready for sale!

Songtronome reached a new major minor version oO^ Besides some bug fixes and retina display support there are more new things. To tiddy up the layout there is a new settings panel to manage click, flash and precount. Furthermore you can switch off the accent beats now as desired by Agostino. One thing you might have missed while editing a song is ritardando and accelerando. As you might imagine – this is possible now. One more cool improvement is the ability to send and receive your songs by email. Just hit the envelope button in the Song Editor and spread your song!

But long story short – get your a** to the App Store and check out the new version of Songtronome!

Btw: As you can see – I’m trying to put comments into practice. If you find something missing or wrong, just let me know!

Songtronome v1.0.1 has entered the review process!

Sorry for beeing so quite for such a long time. You know – it’s summer! I can’t spend all my free time in front of my mac 😉

As iOS 4 came out some things changed and so the Songtronome app had to change, too. Unfortunately I had to head some other things, but now I found some time to fix the problems and submitted a small update to the App Store. Besides being ready for iOS 4 there will be a really cool new icon made by my friend Carlo from form one in Hamburg, Germany.

Songtronome is ready for sale!

Only nine days after submitting Songtronome the iTunes App Store informed me that the App is ready for sale now. You find it in the App Store with the following link: