We are working on iOS7

Hi folks

It’s been a long time and we really would like to spend more time on app development, but as it’s still a hobby we got some more things to do 🙁

Some of you reported problems with GCTools and ColorPicker on iOS7. As ColorPicker isn’t starting anymore we will release an update as soon as possible. GCTools is waiting for an update for a long time and we implemented some new cool features. Unfortunately we are sill dealing with some problems. We are working on the new release 2.2 as fast as possible and will hopefully submit it within the next 2 weeks.

Please be patient  :/

ColorPicker has been updated to v1.1!


After just a few days I updated ColorPicker and added a detection of RAL colors to the full version and a German localization.

Detecting colors of a color palette like RAL colors is always an approximation. Furthermore the detected RGB code depends on the image taken by the iPhone’s camera. As the camera does some “optimization” like adjusting the brightness the App can rely on that adjusted colors only. To get the best results use natural daylight conditions when using ColorPicker.

But long story short – check out ColorPicker on the App Store:

ColorPicker v1.0 is ready for sale!

Ever missed the color picker in real life? Here it comes!

ColorPicker uses the camera of your iOS device to tell you the color you are pointing at. Version 1.0 is available in the App Store right now!

The free version of this app tells the RGB code only. You can upgrade to full version by InApp-purchase and access further color palettes, store your colors and send them by email.




So check out ColorPicker on the App Store: