GCTools v2.0.1 is available!

After some problems with the latest release we submitted a bug fix immediately – version 2.0.1 has just entered the AppStore!

Besides the new features of version 2.0 we fixed the following points:

  • black screen on start up has been fixed
  • iAds get removed when you purchased one or more inApps
  • the alphabet inApp is not required to enter a custom alphabet in cipher tools. Still the add on helps you computing the correct alphabet and enables to save and load alphabets
  • improvements on purchasing inApps

So check out GCTools on the App Store:

For the ones that don’t like ads…

We expected some grumbling as reaction to adding iAds in our app. We added some little banners in the menus – the tools themselves still come without any advertisement – and some start yelling immediately. Maybe you should think about how much time we invest in implementing the app which is free for almost all of its tools. Nevertheless we decided to change some things and publish an update as soon as possible. This update will remove all ads if you purchased at least one of the inApps. Furthermore the alphabet inApp will be changed such that you can enter custom alphabets without purchasing the inApp, but you will have to compute codes etc. by hand while the inApp does this for you automatically.

Problems with upgrade to GCTools v2.0

Sorry, but we had to realize this guide does not work 🙁 But here is the good news: We fixed the problem and submitted an update to Apple. This update should be available in a few days!

Some users complained about a black screen after updating to version 2.0 of GCTools. The update causes no problems in most cases but if you encounter some, please try the following steps:


  • double-press the home button
  • tap and hold the GCTools icon in the bottom task bar until it shakes
  • tap on the “no entry” sign of the GCTools icon
  • press home to close the task bar
  • start GCTools

Hopefully this works. If not – and you don’t have saved waypoints that you need to survive – try these steps:

  • tap and hold the GCTools icon on the main screen until it shakes
  • tap on the “no entry” sign of the GCTools icon
  • confirm to delete the app
  • reinstall GCTools with iTunes or download it once again from the AppStore
  • start GCTools


Please let us know if one of these tips could help!
If not please post your device and iOS version.

GCTools v2.0 is available!

After a surprisingly short review process version 2.0 of GCTools has been released! It’s been so short that we haven’t prepared the overworked functions overview yet 😉 That’s gonna change within the next few days!

Here is a list of new features:

  • new design
  • landscape support in all tools
  • search integration
  • redesigned cipher section
  • custom alphabets in cipher tools (inApp)
  • vigenere cipher/one time pad (inApp)
  • morse code de- and encoding
  • “mobile cipher” (mobile keyboard to digit converter)
  • cross sum computation
  • first 1,000 prime numbers
  • first 100,000 PI digits
  • number system converter (ASCII, base2-10, base16, base32, base32hex, base64, base85)
  • several bug fixes

So check out GCTools on the App Store:

GCTools v1.1 is available!

After a small release with bug fixes the first minor release has entered the AppStore! Watch out for the new features:

  • Intersection of line and circle
  • Intersection of two circles
  • Access to all data tables of myGEOTools.de
  • Imperial units for volume converter
  • further bug fixes

So check out GCTools on the App Store: