GCTools v2.1 is available!

GCTools has made it to a new release! Check out the new features:

New feature in the coordinates section:
– set a coordinate as target and navigate there by compass/distance (coordinates -> target guidance)
– enter angle values via compass
– enter coordinates as postal address
– free text coordinate input (copy & paste coordinates from texts)
– select length and angle units

New features in the converter section:
– units of entered values get parsed – you can copy & paste values from texts and enter it in any of the related converter’s fields
– number systems converter: enter binary values with dip switches
– new converter for angle values

– some handling changes
– bug fixes

We received a lot suggestions and are happy about all kind of feedback. Most of it will make it in the app sooner or later, but you have to be patient – it all takes time :/ But we are working on it – promised!


So check out GCTools on the App Store:

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