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Vigenere Cipher/One Time Pad

This tools helps you to encode and decode text with the vigenere cipher and is available as inApp purchase. Vigenere cipher uses the entered keyword to encrypt the text. “Autokey” means the keyword gets repeated until its length is equal to the entered text. Without the auto key option the keyword gets filled with the input text to the required length.
A special case of Vigenere is “One Time Pad” where entered text and keyword are of same length. “Autokey” has no effect in that case.

Here is a link with more information about this cipher technique: Vigenere Cipher on wikipedia

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  1. Phil D'Haene
    Aug 30 2012

    I hav a iPhone 3G and i can’t buy your in-app Vigenere. i can’t select it.
    What’s the problem?



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