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Intersection of two lines

This module calculates if and where two lines intersect. Each line can be defined with two points or one point and bearing. On top of this module is a selector that lets you switch between the two lines. Depending on the used mode you have to enter a second point or the bearing that defines the line. If both lines intersect that intersection point is display in the coordinate output at the bottom.

The map view shows the lines even if they do not intersect. If they intersect the intersection point is added and selected by default.

For further help about map and coordinate handling have a look at this page: Coordinate handling

A line of two points

If you use two points to define a line you can switch between “Point 1” and “Point 2”. Attend that you can use two points for both lines, such that there are up to 4 points to set.

A line of one point and bearing

If you use the bearing mode you have to define only one point per line, but enter a bearing. While the intersection of a two point line has to be within these two points, a line with bearing is infinite such that there is a bigger chance of an intersection.

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