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Intersection of two circles

This module calculates if and where two circles intersect. Each circle can be defined with one point and a radius.

If the circles intersect that intersection points are displayed in the coordinate output you can see when you scroll down to the bottom.

The map view shows the circles even if they do not intersect. If they intersect the intersection points are added. 

For further help about map and coordinate handling have a look at this page: Coordinate handling

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  1. K. Schulze
    Oct 25 2011

    There is an error in the two Circle Intersection. The violett needles are Not Set to the Cross Point and if i change the First Koordinates, the needles stay on the Old Position.

    • Oct 27 2011

      thank you for that advice. We will check that and fix it as soon as possible!

  2. Kevin
    Nov 13 2011

    Any chance that you might extend this to cover cases like GCR6M5?

    I has three points and one needs to solve the intersection of three circles with certain ratios.

    • Jan
      Nov 14 2011

      Hi Kevin,
      I’m sorry, but I don’t think we will support such calculations in the near future. We are focusing on tools you need on the way. It’s too complex to do ad hoc and more likely a homework. There are so many possibilities to create such problems we would not be able to design a operable graphical interface for.
      For me the challenge is more to understand what to do than to calculate the final coordinates. Perhaps you can divide the problem into sub problems and solve them with our app. For the intersection of three circles you can first calculate the intersection of two and compare these with the intersection of two other. But this problem is a bit more complex I think. Perhaps you can use the Mopsos Script language but it is available in German only.
      – Jan


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