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Projection of coordinates

The coordinate projection tool calculates a projection from a start point to a target point in a certain direction and distance. You have to specify the start point with the coordinate input at top, enter distance and bearing of the projection. The resulting location is displayed in the coordinate output at the bottom.

The related map view displays the start point and its projection including a connecting line.

For further help about map and coordinate handling have a look at this page: Coordinate handling

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  1. Chuck K
    Dec 26 2011

    When projecting a waypoint, is your bearing True north or Magnetic north


    • Jan 8 2012

      Hi Chuck,
      bearing values are true north values.

  2. Peter
    Feb 10 2012

    Hello there!

    Could you please tell which Earth model is used for projections, distance measurements, intersections, etc.?

    • Mar 5 2012

      Hi Peter,
      sorry for the late reply. We use the WGS84 ellipsoid for calculations.

      Kind regards,

  3. Michael M.
    Mar 4 2012

    Ist es möglich, bei Projektion eine Zielführung im Kompassmodus zu bekommen, um so zur neuen Koordinate geführt zu werden ?

    • Mar 4 2012

      Hi Michael,
      ja, das Feature wird gerade umgesetzt, da es von mehreren angefragt wurde. Eine neue Version sollte nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lassen.

      Yes, a compass with gps tracking functionality is currently getting implemented. The next version won’t take long anymore.


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