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Coordinate Handling

Coordinate Input

The coordinate input is used to handle an editable location

Entering locations is always done the same way with the coordinate input. The coordinate input can be used to edit a coordinate, switch between different coordinate modes, load and save coordinates and show the related coordinates on the map.


Tapping on the right hand arrow button shows further actions

You can save and load coordinates to exchange them between all coordinate tools. Each coordinate tool saves its used coordinates automatically.

The coordinate values can be entered directly, while further action are available tapping on the right hand arrow button. The action from left to right are:

  • Current location: Use your current location as coordinate. This requires enabled location services. You can activate them in Settings -> Location Services.
  • Load Coordinate: Opens a collection of saved or used coordinates. Each tool of the coordinates category stores its coordinates automatically such that you can load a coordinate you have used with another tool.
  • Save Coordinate: You can save additional coordinates. The free version of GCTools can save a single coordinate only. Each further save operation overwrites the previous one. By upgrading the “Unlimited Coordinates” add-on you can save as much coordinates as you want.
  • Show Coordinate(s) on the Map: Depending on the current tool this action shows all related coordinates on the map. In the map view you can use further tools to navigate to the specific location.

Switching between coordinate modes

In general there are five supported coordinate modes:

  • Coordinate input mode WGS84 (DMS)

    DMS: WGS84 with degrees, minutes and seconds

  • Coordinate input mode WGS84 (DM)

    DM: WGS84 with degrees and minutes

  • Coordinate input mode WGS84 (D)

    D: WGS84 with degrees

  • Coordinate input mode WGS84 (Lat/Lon)

    Lat/Lon: WGS84 with latitude and longitude

  • Coordinate input mode UTM

    UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator

Coordinate mode selector

You can switch between these modes with the bottom toolbar. Each coordinate input/output and map view will use the selected format to display locations.

Coordinate output

Some coordinate are readonly and appear in a slightly different way. There is also a arrow button to display more actions. As in the coordinate input you can save and display your coordinates. Additionally you can use a direct link to an external map tool like GoogleMaps. Which tool you use can be changed in the settings.

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  1. Gunnar erickson
    Jan 27 2012

    Can i take photos and have the GPS coords savin in the image?

    • Jan 27 2012

      Hi Gunnar,
      I’m not sure if I understand your question right. Taking a photo and storing your current position is a default feature of iOS. As GCTools does not take photos, it does not store the location either ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you want to select a photo you have taken and read the coordinate stored within it to use it as waypoint in GCTools this is not available yet, but is a cool idea – we will check how to implement that!

  2. matthias
    Oct 4 2013

    user friendly is a word this program ignores. saving one coordinate in a new loaded system sets three coordinates also in the memory i did not know and best of all, i cant delete. so in the next time i will laways see these coordinates and they are present and will affect my data. best of all was a waypoint in the atlantic. guess how i feel to always work from that coordinate.

    i didnt recommend this prog. maybe im to dull to use this. trying to understand it for 6 months now. instruction?? i cant find it.

    0 of 10 . not worth the time to install.

  3. DerPatze
    Nov 1 2013

    When I try to save coordinates a can’t give them names, which gives me much problems to figure out which coordinate belongs to which cache. A window pops up where I should put in the name for the cache when I click on save coordinates, but I can’t write anything. I use an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.0.3.

    • Jan
      Nov 1 2013

      Hi Patze,

      There is a bug in GCTools on iOS 7. On this iOS version itโ€™s currently not possible to enter a name for a coordinate and proceed.
      We are working on an update to fix this issue and add several new features. Unfortunately we have insufficient time for GCTools at the moment. Therefore we kindly ask you for your patience.

      – Jan (GCTools Team)


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