Ever missed the color picker in real life? Here it comes!

ColorPicker uses the camera of your iOS device to tell you the color you are pointing at.

The free version of this app tells the RGB code only. You can upgrade to full version by InApp-purchase and access further color palettes, store your colors and send them by email.




So check out ColorPicker on the App Store:

If you find some missing functionality or bugs you can leave your comment here!


Picking a color as RGB value

Just point at anything. You get the RGB code of the pointed color immediately!

Take a snapshot

You can take a snapshot and see additional information about the color and a list of matching colors.

Further color palettes

The full version offers more color palletes:

  • RGB
  • Hex RGB
  • CMY
  • CMYK
  • HSV

Save and load colors

You can save the snapshot of a color and load it later on. This feature is part of the full version.

Send colors per email

You can send the complete information of a color by email. That includes all color pallete values of the color itself and its matching colors! This feature is part of the full version.


  1. I bought the upgrade for ipad without camera , understanding that I would be able to load pictures from other galleries , but wasted my 99cents , it just says : doesn’t work for this device !

    • Hi Arthur,
      sorry, but that is no feature of this app and it’s not mentioned anywhere.

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    • Hi Deborah,
      sorry for the late reply. It’s a known bug that inApp purchase sometimes failed due to Apples service. You can purchase the add on a second time. Although it is listed with a price this purchase will not get billed. Besides this workaround we are working on a solution to refresh purchased in apps.

  3. Dear sir

    I want to understand how your apps was made. where do i begin, what software codes did you use.

    kind regards

    steve first year student

  4. I was double charged for the inapp puchace update. Please explain why. Thanks.

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