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The man behind is me – Achim. On a normal day I’m a software-engineer, but at night, when the moons turns full, I become a complete different person… Then I switch on my Mac and code some strange stuff and try to publish it on the App Store. Don’t ask me the next day what I did – I won’t remember anything!

Ok, just kidding. I become a different person almost every night. Not only when the moon turns full ^^

The reason why I called this page “One Dollar App”? You guess it – I will publish each (in)App for 1$ (ok ok – it’s 99c)

Why not everything for free? Did you ever think about what you normally get for 1$? And do you have an idea, how long it takes to write an App that doesn’t crash on the startscreen (and maybe not a few seconds later)? Believe me – 1$ is still a fair price 😉


Responsible person for is: